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5XFS-7.5FC Double Air Screen Cleaner

Materials enter the front-end vertical air screen through elevator or screw conveyor, this wind selection can remove light impurities according to the different proportion of impurities and materials. Then the materials enter vibration sieve, which can clean big and small impurities by different types of highly precise punching sieve in accordance with different sizes of grains. Finally materials enter the back-end air screen; the secondary wind selection can remove the remnant light impurities further.

Product Details

Double Air Screen Cleaner


1.Double air screen and twice wind screening,especially benifit for the sesame cleaning

2.The two air screens arrange symmetrically and control individually.

3.The back-end air screen will remove some dust produced by some clods in the secondary wind selection, thus enhancing the brightness of finished product.

4.Large sieve surface design of 1.25m×2.4m, multi-function and easy to change sieves.

5.Bucket elevator and screw conveyor can be chosen in accordance with different materials.

6.This cleaner is suitable for materials with high impurities, such as sunflower seed, melon seed, buckwheat, flax seed, sesame seed, etc.

sesame cleaning machine or cleaning machine for sesame


Name Double Air Screen Cleaner
Model 5XFS-7.5FC
Layer Four
Sieve Surface Area (mm) 1250 x 2400
Power (kw) 9.35
Capacity (T/H) 7.5
Weight (T) 1.77
Overall Size L x W x H (mm) 3920 x 2430 x 3440
Remark Sunflower seeds: 3T/h
Beans: 7.5 t/h



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