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Vibration Grader

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Vibration Grader, also known as a vibrating grader or vibratory grader, is a specialized agricultural machine used for sorting and grading agricultural produce, particularly fruits and vegetables. 

Vibration Grader utilizes vibration and gravity to separate produce into different sizes and grades based on their weight, size, and quality. 

Vibration Grader Features:

1. Vibrating Deck: The core component of a vibration grader is a vibrating deck or conveyor belt that is designed to shake or vibrate. This movement helps spread the produce evenly across the surface of the grader.

2. Hopper: Produce is typically loaded onto a hopper at the input end of the machine. The hopper feeds the produce onto the vibrating deck, where the sorting process begins.

3. Sieves or Screens: Vibration graders are equipped with multiple layers of sieves or screens with different hole sizes or perforations. These screens are strategically positioned along the vibrating deck to sort produce based on size.

4. Adjustable Vibration: The intensity and frequency of vibration can often be adjusted to accommodate different types of produce and achieve the desired separation.

5. Variable Speed: Some vibration graders allow operators to control the speed of the conveyor belt or deck, affecting the rate at which produce is processed.

6. Grading Chutes: Produce is sorted into various grades based on size and quality. Grading chutes or outlets are positioned beneath the screens to direct produce into the appropriate grade bins or conveyors.

Vibration Grader Functions:

1. Sorting by Size: The primary function of a vibration grader is to sort produce into different size categories. As the produce travels along the vibrating deck, smaller items fall through the perforations in the screens, while larger items continue down the conveyor.

2. Quality Control: Vibration graders can also be used to assess the quality of produce. Defective or damaged items may be separated from high-quality produce during the sorting process.

3. Removal of Debris: Any debris, such as leaves or stems, is typically shaken off and separated from the produce as it moves along the vibrating deck.

4. Grading: Produce is directed into different bins or conveyors based on its size and quality, allowing for the creation of various product grades suitable for different markets or applications.

Vibration graders are commonly used in the fruit and vegetable industry to ensure that only the highest-quality produce reaches consumers. 

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