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5CX-5II Magnetic Separator

1. 5CX-5II high-performance magnetic election graders is to separate clods from grain.

2. When materials are put in a closed strong magnetic field, they will form a stable parabolic movement. Due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, clods and grains will be separated.

Product Details



1. 304 stainless steel sheet metal machine with strict magnetic closure and less magnetic flux leakage.

2. The magnetic field strength of magnetic roller is more than 17,000 gauss with good magnetic effect

3. Wide magnetic surface of 1300mm, which ensures the processing capacity and improves the magnetic effect.

4. This machine adopts original design of bulk grain equipment with uniform bulk grain and no maintenance, which greatly reduces the losses caused by the vibration feeder damage.

5. It is equipped with the most advanced transducer. According to different types of materials, it’s very convenient to adjust to optimum operation speed.


Model5CX-5II Magnetic Separator
Width for magnetic election1300mm
Power(kw)Gear motor:0.75
Capacity(t/h)5/h based on wheat/beans
Magnetic Field Intensity


Overall Size L×W×H(mm)1600mmx1600mmx2070mm
Voltage380V, 50HZ, three phases (must be three phases, voltage can be design to others)
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