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Grain Processing Equipment

 Grain Processing Equipment


The Europe Grain Processing Equipment Market is expected to witness market growth of 7.4% CAGR during the forecast period (2020-2026).


The food processing companies are opting for the grain processing equipment to process grains at their plants domestically. Cereals can be processed with the help of several pre-processing and processing equipment like gravity separator, grain dryers, destoner, and grain grading machines, grain separators, grain pre-cleaners, maize mills, vibro destoners, and grain dischargers.


Agricultural machinery category includes Grain and seed cleaning tools. These types of equipment are helpful for the farmers to increase their crop yield as they can easily harvest their crop, which in turn, surges their profit margins. The grain & seed cleaning equipment is very beneficial in the agricultural process since it can reduce the turnaround time required post crop harvesting. With the help of equipment, seed and grain processing can be increased. These machines are of various types as per the operation and kind of crop.


After harvesting cereals from the crop field, they directly go for winnowing, drying, threshing, and storage. Winnowing machines are helpful in separating the chaff, soil, and dirt. Then these grains are sent for grading, where grains are separated based on their size. Some grains have husks or shells that are removed using decorticator machine. Following the separation step, grains are directed for the drying process that removes moisture content. Drying of grains increases their shelf life. Some grain processors use insecticides in order to protect grains from pests and insect infestation and then the grains are stored in the warehouses. Grains like wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, oats, rice, rye, millet, and triticale must be processed before they are delivered to food processors and manufacturers.


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