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DLB-100A Packing Machine

1.DLB model Weight and Packing Machine is a new type automatic packing machine.

2.It consists of automatic weighing device, conveyer, sealing device and computer controller.

3.Feature: Fast weighing speed, precise measure, small space, convenient operation

Product Details


1.Hanging weighing sensor, steady signal transmission and precise weighing.

2.Fast speed, high anti-jamming ability, stability, and automatic error repairing.

3.It has infrared transducer and speedy pneumatic device for fast reaction. It also adopts Touching LCD display for easy operation.

4.Main machine, conveyer, sealing device are controlled by computer.

5.Wide packing scope, high compatibility.

6. It can store the shift capacity, day capacity and total packaging quantities automatically and accurately.


NameModelPower (kW)Capacity (bag/h)Packing scope(kg/bag)Error rateGraduation value(g)Overall SizeL×l×h mm
Single scaleDLB-5D0.74≥5001-50.1%F.S52500 × 1500 × 2500
DLB-25A0.74≥4202.5-250.1%F.S102890 × 1500 × 3000
DLB-50A0.74≥3005-500.1%F.S203000 × 1500 × 3210
DLB-100A0.74≥30010-1000.1%F.S203000 × 900 × 3550
Double scaleDLB-25S0.74≥4005-500.1%F.S103000 × 1500 × 3000
DLB-80S0.74≥30010-1000.1%F.S203000 × 1500 × 3610
DLB-100S0.74≥50020-1000.1%F.S203000 × 1000 × 3895
ElectronicDLBD-100S1.4≥50050-1000.1%F.S1003100 × 1650 × 4250
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