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QSC-10 De-stoner

1.QSC-type blowing style De-stoner is to separate stone, clods by adjusting wind pressure, amplitude and other parameters.

2.Larger proportion material stone will sink down and move bottom to up under the stress of vibration friction; while smaller proportion material moves up to bottom.

Product Details



1.This machine is equipped with internal fans, and fans and vibration system both have their own motors.

2.Vibration system’s motor has a transducer, which uses different frequencies for different sizes of materials.


Name  De-stoner
Model QSC-10
Sieve size (mm) 2200 x 1530
Power (kw) 8.6
Capacity (T/H) 10
Weight (T) 1.27
Overall size L x W x H (mm) 2300 x 2290 x 1550
Remark with transducer



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