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Maize Specific Gravity Cleaning Machine

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Specific gravity cleaning machine, also known as a gravity separator or gravity table, is commonly used in the processing of maize (corn), beans, mung beans, and other grains to remove impurities and improve the quality of the final product. 

Here's how a specific gravity cleaning machine generally works:

1. Feeding and Distribution:

The raw material, such as maize, beans, or mung beans, is fed onto the machine's input hopper or conveyor system. The material is evenly distributed across the width of the machine.

2. Airflow and Vibration:

The specific gravity cleaning machine uses a combination of controlled airflow and mechanical vibration to stratify or separate the seeds based on their specific gravity.

3. Adjustable Incline:

The machine often has an adjustable incline or deck angle. As the material travels down the inclined surface, the lighter and heavier seeds respond differently to the airflow and vibrations.

4. Separation of Seeds:

The combination of airflow and vibration causes the lighter seeds (lower specific gravity) to be lifted and carried to the upper end of the machine, while the heavier seeds (higher specific gravity) move to the lower end.

5. Diverters or Chutes:

Diverters or chutes are strategically placed along the length of the machine to collect the separated fractions. The lighter and heavier seeds are discharged into separate outlets.

6. Adjustable Settings:

The machine may have adjustable settings to control the airflow, vibration intensity, and deck inclination. These settings can be fine-tuned based on the specific characteristics of the seeds being processed.

7. Removal of Impurities:

Lighter impurities, such as chaff, dust, and small, immature seeds, are carried away with the lighter seed fraction, while heavier impurities may be discharged with the heavier seed fraction.

Using a specific gravity cleaning machine is an effective way to remove unwanted impurities and segregate seeds based on their weight, contributing to the production of high-quality seeds for planting or further processing. The machine's efficiency is influenced by factors such as seed size, shape, and density, so adjustments may be necessary for different seed varieties.

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