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Destoner Machine

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How Destoner Machines Work:

The machine creates a fluidized bed of air and uses a vibrating deck to move the heavier materials uphill, while the lighter materials are carried away by the air currents.

The destoner machine works by passing the product stream over a woven wire mesh bed, through which air flows from below. The heavier contaminants, such as stones, glass, metals, or other heavy items, are unable to be lifted by the air cushion and remain on the mesh bed. The vibrating motion of the machine helps transport the heavy contaminants to the beginning of the regulating plate, where they can be removed.

By removing these heavier contaminants, destoner machines help improve the quality of the end product and reduce the risk of damage to downstream equipment.

Types of Destoner Machines:

1. Air Lift Destoner: This type of destoner uses air to separate heavier contaminants from the product stream. It creates a fluidized bed of air and uses a vibrating deck to move the heavier materials uphill.

2. Dry Destoner: A dry destoner is used to separate stones and other heavy impurities from the product flow. It operates based on the difference in specific weight between the grains and the impurities.

3. Vibratory Destoner: This type of destoner uses vibrations to separate heavier materials from the product stream. It is commonly used in the food processing industry.

4. Double-Deck Destoner: A double-deck destoner is designed to remove both light and heavy impurities from the product flow. It consists of two decks with different screen sizes to achieve efficient separation.

5. Mini Rice Destoner: As the name suggests, this destoner is specifically designed for rice processing. It effectively removes stones and other impurities from rice grains.

Applications of Destoner Machines:

1. Agriculture: Destoner machines are extensively used in agriculture for removing stones and clods from soil ridges. They help improve traction and make harvesting in wet conditions easier.

2. Food Processing: In the food processing industry, destoner machines are used to remove heavier contaminants such as stones, glass, and metals from product streams or flows. They ensure the production of high-quality, contaminant-free products.

3. Grain Processing: Destoner machines are used in grain processing to separate stones, pebbles, and other high-density impurities from the grain stream. This ensures the production of clean and high-quality grains.

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