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Corn and Wheat Combation Cleaning Machine

Professional Manufacturer Farm Machines Seed Air Screen Grain Wheat Cleaning Corn Sorting Machine


1.Double air screen especially benifit for the sesame cleaning.

2.The two air screens arrange symmetrically and control individually.

3.The back-end air screen will remove some dust produced by some clods in the secondary wind selection, thus enhancing the brightness of finished product.

4.Large sieve surface design of 1.25mx2 4m, multi-function and easy to change sieves.

5.Bucket elevator and screw conveyor can be chosen in accordance with different materials.

Nowadays Julite has successfully developed air screen cleaner, gravity separator, de-stoner, magnetic separator, air screen cleaner with gravity table, huller, double air screen cleaner, polishing machine, vibration grader, seed coating machine, automatic packing machine and various types of elevators. 

We firmly believe that, wherever there is seed, wherever there is grain, there is "Julite".

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